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SBS2996P on Service 157


The Volvo B10BLE was a low-entry bus chassis manufactured by Volvo in Sweden between 1993 and 2004. It is the successor to the normal floor Volvo B10B. The B10BLE is offered in both diesel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) variants.

The Volvo B10BLE is succeeded by the Volvo B7RLE and the Volvo B12BLE.

Singapore Bus Services/SBS Transit

SBS Transit operates a total of 13 Volvo B10BLE buses, 12 of which are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).


In 1997, SBS received its first low-entry bus for evaluation. The demonstrator received the received the "CR221L" bodywork by Volgren. The low-entry design provides a step free access to the entrance and exit of the bus, which made the bus more accessible. It was fitted with the Mobitec flip-dot Electronic Destination Signage (EDS), like the other demonstrators received by SBS during the era.

Originally fitted with the first generation ZF Ecomat gearbox, it was upgraded to the second generation ZF Ecomat II gearbox, complete with new gear selectors.

It was retired in 2015 at the end of its lifespan.

Production batch

In 2001, SBS Transit purchased 12 more B10BLE buses, which are powered by CNG instead of diesel. These buses received an updated "CR222L" bodywork by Volgren. As with other orders made by SBS Transit during the era, these buses were not fitted with any EDS.

Specification Table

Demonstrator Production batch
Registration no. SBS1688K SBS2988M - SBS2999G
Vehicle bodywork Volgren CR221L Volgren CR222L
Quantity 1 12
Year 1997 2001 & 2002
Period of registration 12 Jan 1998 19 Apr 2002 (SBS2988M); 18 Jul 2002 (SBS2989K); 29 Dec 2005 (SBS2990E - SBS2999G)
Passenger capacity Seating: 34
Standing: 49
Total: 83
Seating: 35
Standing: 49
Total: 84
Engine model Volvo DH 10 A-245 Volvo GH 10 B-245
Engine capacity 9603 cc
Emission standard Euro II
Transmission model ZF Ecomat I 5HP 500 (original)
ZF Ecomat II 5HP 502C
ZF Ecomat I 4HP 500
Power/torque 245 hp (180 kW) @ 2000 rpm / 1050 Nm @ 1100 - 1450 rpm
Air-con model Sütrak AC 350 Cool-Air
EDS model Mobitec MobiDOT N/A
EDS controller model Mobitec Zebra 300TD
Seat model Saydair Metro Vogelsitze System 400
Door model SMC Transit



Production Batch

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