Hi admins & readers of Singapore Buses Wikia,

    Thank you all for your constant updates of this wikia page. I pretty much lost touch with this wikia until a few days ago because I was busy with school stuffs and etc. I remembered making this wikia site out of curiosity back in my secondary school days, actually! Anyways, I have managed to overhaul many of the un-updated pages at SBS Transit & SMRT Bus Deployments; which is now all currently up to date (as of March 10, 2016). 

    As some of you guys have noticed, I have rebranded the Singapore Buses emblem on the top left corner, to symbolise that our wikia page is still going strong and updated. :) 

    Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude towards these wikia users Ihengheng, Together234, TIB124…

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