This is a special page on Singapore Buses Wiki which lists the rules, standards and guidelines all users must follow in order to maintain the benefits of editing here on this wiki. It is recommended that all new users review these rules before editing.

Please read the following as it lists important information regarding your editing privileges on this wiki.



  • Always assume good faith.
    • This is the assumption that all edits made on this wiki are made with the intent to improve it.
    • Avoid outright reverting edits that seem to have been made in good faith unless it is very obvious vandalism.
      • If you must do so, explain why, either in the edit summary or on the user's message wall.
  • Do not be a biter.
    • A biter is someone who attacks newcomers for bad edits, particularly their first or second ones.
      • This scares away potentially valuable contributors.
    • Treat new contributors with respect, and if they make a bad edit, politely explain what was wrong with it.
  • Be respectful.
    • Avoid harassing or trolling other users, as it usually leads to a long drawn out argument that tends to end with all participants getting banned.
  • Under the Wikia Terms of Use, you must be at least 13 years old to have an account.
    • If you reveal yourself to be under the age limit, you may be reported to Wikia Staff, at which point your account will be disabled.
  • Do not own and use multiple accounts or impersonate other users.
    • This is known as sock puppetry, and is a serious offense.
    • Users that are caught doing this will have all of their accounts blocked indefinitely.
  • Users should never beg for administrator/chat moderator rights.
    • These positions are granted only to those deemed suitable for the responsibility.
    • Begging for the position makes you seem like a child, who only wants to be an administrator for the sake of having the title.
    • Asking politely to become one is okay, though you should give valid reasons for why you need the power, like how you would improve the site.
      • An example of begging would be "PLEASE MAKE ME MOD".
      • An example of a legitimate request for administrator/chat moderator rights would be "I think I would make a good admin because...".
    • It should be noted that most users become an administrator/chat moderator without asking.
      • If you just show that you are a responsible and trustworthy user dedicated to improving the wiki, chances are, you'll eventually have the position.
  • Cussing is allowed, but not recommended, as there may be younger viewers on this wiki, and the fact that it will get posted in places they are very likely to see. It also makes the wiki look bad, viewing the recent activity feed and seeing profanity.
    • In addition, users must not use profane language in an abusive manner.
  • Never increase your edits for competition. They're fun, but it's not gonna help the Wiki at all. Examples of blockable offenses include:
    • Making useless or blank blogs
    • Spamming the forums and message walls
    • Adding one character per publish
    • Editing the same article repeatedly for no apparent reason (also known as edit milking)


  • Do not spam.
    • Spam is unwanted or unnecessary messages, like advertisements, long comments, nonsense, repeatedly posting the same message three or more times in a row, etc.
  • Do not incite drama. This includes:
    • Grief slinging (e.g., "I'm miserable, so you should be miserable too!")
    • Inferiority complex (e.g., "I am useless!")
  • Avoid necroposting.
    • Necroposting is posting in a forum discussion that has gone a long time without new posts (i.e., a dead discussion; hence the name, necroposting).
    • Once a discussion has gone about a month without new posts, do not post on it again, unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so.
    • An example of a legitimate reason would be an important discovery related to the discussion's topic.
    • In most cases, though, it would be safer to either start a new discussion, or say nothing.

Message wall

  • Same rules apply from the comments section.
  • Do not make message wall posts lengthy.
    • Discussions like these belong to chat.

Blog posts

  • Nearly the same rules apply from the comments section.
  • Blogs should have a point for existing.
    • A blog with little to no content is likely to be labeled as spam and subsequently deleted.


  • Badges are little online trophies awarded for certain feats.
  • Doing something for the sake of earning a badge is highly discouraged, and can even get you blocked. Blockable offenses include:
    • Making useless blogs
    • Spamming the forums and message walls
    • Adding one letter per publish
  • Basically, you should edit to improve the wikia, not for pixels.

User pages

  • Never edit someone else's user page, unless reverting vandalism from someone else.
    • User pages are personal, and should not be edited by other users.
  • For your safety, do not add any any personal information about yourself (e.g., your real name, where you live).
  • Users must not add an "Enemies", "Hate list" or similar section to their userpage. This is considered offensive in a way and usually starts rivalry and flame wars.


  • Mini-modding is when a regular user tries to act like a chat moderator or administrator.
    • While it may seem helpful, it is generally annoying and should be avoided.
    • Leave the disciplining to the chat moderators and administrators.



  • Unverifiable and ludicrous content is not to be added to pages, nor is speculation.
  • Vandalizing a page is a serious offense, and will result in an appropriate punishment depending on the severity.
  • Observe correct spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.
  • Be sure that your changes make sense and flow with the article smoothly, especially when working with complex code.
    • One tiny error in coding can mess up an entire page.
    • Always use the "Preview" button before publishing, to ensure the page looks the way you intended it to.

Images and videos

  • When you add images to an article, be sure they are of high quality (e.g., not pixelated).
    • The .png format is preferred, as it has the highest quality, but .jpg is also acceptable.
  • Uploading images unrelated to Singapore buses is allowed, but obscene and violent ones are not under any circumstances.
  • Do not upload any files that violate someone elses copyright.
    • Such files will be deleted and you will be given a calm warning from an administrator (admins can give a quick warning by adding {{Copyright Violation}} to the Message Wall of the user who uploaded the file)
    • Users are allowed to upload files of someone elses work as long as they fall either under Fair use, Public domain, or they get proper permission from the copyright holder. In addition, such files should be properly tagged (simply by adding {{Fairuse}} or {{PD}} to the file.)
      • Repeated copyright violations will lead to blockage or even possible closure of your account.
  • Images and videos that are not used in articles/blogs/forum discussions/message walls/user pages within a day will be deleted.
    • If there is a file you wish to keep but need a little more time to add it, please tag it with {{I}} so administrators will know not to delete the file. Please note that the file will still be deleted if left unused for over a week.
  • Avoid re-uploading images and videos.
    • If there's an image that needs fixing, select "Upload a new version of this file" under "History" on the images page.


  • Do not make useless/unnecessary categories.
    • Categories are meant to organize articles in the wiki for the convenience of editors.



  • Cussing is allowed, but must not be overused or abused. Neither should it be used in an offensive manner.
    • Be aware that any user can screenshot your actions.
  • Users can discuss/say whatever they want, as long as it is not an argument or wiki threats.
  • Speak in a language that users can understand.
    • It is recommended to speak in English.
  • When a chat moderator, administrator, or the majority who are present asks you to stop doing something in chat, stop doing it.
    • Level of punishment will depend on the severity of the act, and the judgment of the chat moderator or administrator who addresses it.
  • Private messages are not monitored.
    • If a user is being abusive, click their avatar and select "Block Private Messages".
    • Do not bring private message issues to the main chat.
  • When users are away, don't force them to say something in chat.
    • They may be busy or doing something else.
    • Spamming chat gradually or suddenly because of boredom is disallowed and may result in being kicked or banned if necessary.

Please do not

  • Flame, harass, troll, or fight users
  • Spam (e.g., flooding the chat with nonsense)
  • Abuse private messaging (e.g., making multiple private messaging for no reason)
  • Advertise (e.g., other wikis)
  • Invade chat
    • This is when you bombard another chat with other users and cause a riot, or invite users to bombard us.
  • Backseat moderate
    • This means that you, as a user, should not act like you have a duty to enforce the rules.
    • Any user may inform the guilty of the rules.
      • If it fails, keep quiet, and report it to any of the chat moderators or administrators through private messaging or their message walls.
    • It should also be noted, that you mustn't tell a chat moderator/administrator what to do, as it is a serious offense, and borders on mini-modding.
  • Link results from search engines
    • It creates a long link and unnecessary stretch, causing the sidebar to appear
  • Incite drama (e.g., grief slinging, inferiority complex)
  • Disrespect anyone, especially to the chat moderators and administrators
  • Be inactive for long periods of time (e.g., an entire day)
    • This does not apply to mods or admins as they have a duty to moderate chat
  • Ask or give out any personal information (e.g., your real name, where you live)
  • Use capital letters excessively
  • Spread false information about other users
  • Post phishing, malicious, or keylogging links


Refer to Administration page for more details.

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