The Scania N113 was a transverse-engined step-entrance and low-floor city bus chassis manufactured by Scania between 1988 and 2000.

The N113CRB is essentially the standard floor version of the N113 chassis.

Singapore Bus Services/SBS Transit

SBS had purchased and operated a total of 200 Scania N113CRB buses.

In the 1980s, SBS purchased 200 N113CRBs with the "PS" body by Walter Alexander Coachbuilders. 50 buses were originally delivered as air-conditioned buses, while the remaining were non air-conditioned. Some of these non air-conditioned buses were later converted into fully air-conditioned.

All of these buses were retired by 2009 at the end of their lifespan.

Specification Table

Original air-conditioned Non air-conditioned Converted air-conditioned
Registration no. SBS31L - SBS80U SBS3573U - SBS3580Z, SBS3582T - SBS3627Z, SBS3629T - SBS3638S, SBS3689U SBS3581X, SBS3628X, SBS3639P - SBS3688Y, SBS3690P - SBS3722G
Vehicle bodywork Walter Alexander PS
Length 11.9m
Width 2.5m
Quantity 50 85 65
Year 1989
Passenger capacity Seating: 51
Standing: 35
Total: 86
Engine model Scania DSC1104
Engine capacity 11021 cc
Transmission model Scania GV680 (original)
Voith DIWA 863
Scania GAV781 (original)
Voith DIWA 863
Power/torque 254 hp (187 kW) @ 1800 rpm / 1185 Nm @ 1100 rpm
Air-con model Fuji
Carrier Sütrak (SBS79A)
N/A Cool-Air
Denso (SBS3628X, SBS3693G)
Webasto (SBS3709X, SBS3716A)
Door model Overton


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