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The Mercedes-Benz OC 500 LE is a modular, heavy-duty, twin-axle bus chassis produced by Mercedes-Benz/EvoBus Ibérica, Spain. It was designed as a modular platform for low-entry city, suburban, and intercity buses with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 19.1 tonnes. The main modules consist of: 1) driver's pedestal, 2) front axle, 3) buggy centre section, 4) drive axle and 5) engine. It has much in common with the chassis used for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro integral bus range, and also the raised floor OC 500 RF coach chassis. The engine is horizontally mounted over the rear overhang.

SMRT Buses


In 2008, SMRT received a demonstrator OC500LE unit bodied by Gemilang Coachwork for evaluation. It is the first wheelchair accessible single-deck bus to be operated by SMRT, and was also the first bus to be registered under the new "SMB" prefix.

Batch 1

Later in 2008, SMRT made their first purchase of 66 OC500LEs. It was SMRT's ever first purchase since the re-branding. This batch of buses was similar in specifications to the demonstrator, but featured a larger sized side and rear Electronic Destination Signage (EDS).

As part of a trial, SMB11D to SMB18K were installed with an Elekon Micro Systems display beside the entrance, showing next bus arrival details. However, the trial has ended and these displays are no longer in use, and currently only displays "Welcome Aboard" messages in both English and Chinese.

Batch 2

SMRT made a further purchase of 67 OC500LEs in 2009, with the same specifications as the 1st batch of buses. The interior featured an updated colour scheme for the seat covers. A rear tire inflation system was also installed on the rear axle, but was later removed.

SMB76S had its original rear EDS unit replaced with a smaller one, similar to the demonstrator, while SMB91Y had its entire EDS set replaced with a Mobitec set after an accident.

Specification Table

Demonstrator Production batch
Batch 1 Batch 2
Registration no. SMB1H SMB2E - SMB67T SMB68R - SMB134H
Vehicle model OC 500 LE 1830 h
Vehicle bodywork Mercedes-Benz CapaCity (Gemilang Coachwork)
Vehicle bodywork assembler Thonburi Bus Body Co., Ltd.
Quantity 1 66 67
134 (Total)
Year 2006 2008 2009
Period of registration 19 Jun 2008 16 Sep 2008 - 29 Dec 2008 30 Jun 2009 - 1 Oct 2009
Passenger capacity Seating: 34
Standing: 56
Wheelchair bay: 2
Total: 90
Engine model Mercedes-Benz OM 457 hLA BlueTec
Engine capacity 11967 cc
Emission standard Euro V
Transmission model ZF Ecomat II 6HP 592C
Power/torque 299 hp (220 kW) @ 2200 rpm / 1250 Nm @ 1100 rpm
Air-con model Konvekta KL70T
EDS model LAWO BENEFIT (Original)
Mobitec MobiLED (SMB91Y)
EDS controller model LAWO SICMA-Control
Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 600
Seat model Vogelsitze System 750/3
Vogelsitze System 601 (Wheel arch seat)
Door model SMC Transit



Batch 1

Batch 2

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