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SMB8022U on Service 302A


The MAN NGxx3F is a series of low-floor single-deck articulated city bus chassis for 18.00 to 18.75 metres length, offered by MAN since 1998, with internal code A24. They are based on the integral low-floor articulated MAN NGxx3 Lion's City G (A23). Available versions since launch include NG263F, NG313F, NG323F, NG353F, NG363F and CNG version NG313F CNG.

The NG363F is essentially a low-floor single-decker articulated city bus chassis, fitted with a 360hp engine.

SMRT Buses

SMRT made a total purchase of 40 of NG363Fs between 2013 and 2014.


In 2013, SMRT received a NG363F demonstrator, bodied by Gemilang Coachwork. Based on the Lion's City G design that was licensed by MAN, it resembled the Gemilang bodied NL323Fs, but did not have the Hybrid styled roof attachment. The demonstrator also featured a translucent articulator curtain, which allowed more light into the joint area.

In 2016, the original Spheros air-conditioning units were replaced with Denso ones, same as those fitted on the production batch buses.

Production Batch

In 2014, SMRT announced a purchase of 39 more NG363Fs, with the same specifications as the demonstrator. Like the NL323Fs that were acquired at that time, the production batch NG363Fs had 3 lesser seats installed to provide a larger standing area. Unlike the demonstrator, an opaque articulator curtain was fitted. These buses were the first articulated buses to feature the new SMRT livery.

Specification Table

Demonstrator Production Batch
Registration no. SMB388S SMB8001E - SMB8039Y
Vehicle bodywork MAN Lion's City G
Vehicle bodywork assembler Gemilang Coachwork
Quantity 1 39
40 (Total)
Year 2011 2014
Period of registration 2 Apr 2013 11 Mar 2015 – 16 Nov 2015
Passenger capacity Seating: 54
Standing: 76
Wheelchair bay: 1
Total: 130
Seating: 51
Standing: 80
Wheelchair bay: 1
Total: 131
Engine model MAN D 2066 LUH-33
Engine capacity 10518cc
Emission standard Euro V
Transmission model Voith DIWA 864.5
Power/torque 360 hp (265 kW) @ 1900 rpm / 1800 Nm @ 1000 - 1400 rpm
Air-con model Spheros CC 305 (original)
Denso LD8i
Denso LD8i
EDS model Gorba imotion Mobitec MobiLED
EDS controller model Gorba imotion CU8 Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 402
Seat model Vogelsitze System 750/3
Door model Masats



Production Batch

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